Pillow Talk

I am but a minstrel, a singer of songs.
A righter of wrongs.
And I sing to make my mistress happy.
And I sing to bring her peace.

When my voice and my lute
do not suffice,
I unsheathe my sword
And I become….

Well, actually, sort of depressed.

Working recently
At being more honest
With myself –
It’s just a plastic sword

From one of the kid’s
Halloween costumes.
And I don’t really have a lute, it
Was more like playing air guitar.

What did she say in therapy last week?
That for once she wanted me to take
The trash out without having to ask?
Just once?

Lord I hope though
She still likes the love poems
I leave on her


Charley’s first half: Minstrel

For  Casting Bricks Challenge.

17 thoughts on “Pillow Talk

  1. Ok, I’m days behind on reading – I actually scanned this before and it is even better now that I spend a few minutes. The transitional line has a soundtrack of the music drawing down to a close, like…(what commercial is that?) And then, the plastic sword and the air guitar are killers!

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