Just Checking

Out on the road after I fixed up
my old jalopy of a heart

Bandy veins and
gappy ventricles
don’t seem to hold down
my baggage too well

Just bounced out
a case of the willies
and now the ghosts of women
dead from love gone wrong*
litter the road
with their lost red shoes

Dang, and a case of the heebie jeebies
broke open too
a bunch of random legs and arms 
no one wants any part of them!

My running board of love
is hanging from the chassis
and the Blues Brothers
refuse to play on my radio

Will you love me anyway?
Will you still say, “I do?”




*One theory of the origin of the expression “the willies” is from “wila,” “vila” and several other variants, the “wilis” have been staples of Slavic folklore for centuries. “Wilis” are usually depicted as the spirits of young women who have died from love gone wrong in some respect and haunt the forests forever after, luring young men to their deaths


For April Poem-a-Day

12 thoughts on “Just Checking

  1. Case … sera, Sarah! What fun. You should practice speed poetry. … okay, not the kind where you’re in the alley going, “Pssst! Hey man hey man hey man, gotta fix?!?” Just releasing the muse and the crazy child. Perhaps start with something that has a higher alcohol content — beer at ten thousand feet. I dunno, but this is pretty awesome.

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