New York Minute

Sprinters all, we’re ready, steady
at the yellow safety line
on the deck of the ferry,
waiting for our starting gun,
the bump against the pier –

Every day I race a midget (yes, a midget)
for the best seat on the bus.
No holds barred, that’s the deal,
as we bob and weave and elbow and bluff
our way up the ramp and three sets of doors –
my long legs indomitable in the stretch,
her tiny size a huge advantage
diving through gaps in the crowd.

This is Manhattan, and until you’ve
walked a New York Mile
in my Ferragamo’s
who are you to judge?



For DVerse Poetics and April Poem a Day

36 thoughts on “New York Minute

  1. Positively love the pace – I read this aloud at break-neck speed, laughing the whole time! So THAT’S what a New York Minute is! Really enjoyed the bob and weave and elbow and bluff – feel like I need to buy tickets to this show. Good job of blending in the ‘deal’ with this, as well. Glad you joined in with Poetics!

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  2. I too loved the pace. I have been to New York only once, the year after 9/11. We walked everywhere, except for a ride o a tour bus – and it rained very heavily the day we were supposed to visit Ellis Island, so we spent the afternoon in the National Museum of the American Indian.. So I guess I’ll never get to stand
    ‘at the yellow safety line
    on the deck of the ferry’.

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  3. You’ve just reminded me of a couple of New Yorkers I met in Ireland a few weeks ago. They told me they had had been over in Europe for 15 years and had had to learn not be rude! I think this is what they meant. I’ve never been to New York, it’s one of the places I definitely want to visit.

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  4. Maybe I’m old-fashioned but I laughed at the first mention of the midget’s pronoun. I’ve been in the city a few times. My uncle lives downtown and owns a few nightclubs in Manhattan, and I think one now in Queens. I live vicariously (and somewhat jealously) by reading New Yorker reviews of restaurants and Alex Ross’ classical music happenings. Sure a change from Boulder, Q!


  5. Aw, NYC has gone soft. In the good old days, she would’ve taken you out halfway to the bus. I’d come for the museums, the library, and a good gnosh — but I think the long haul would drive me mad. Even my old stomping grounds gave me the jitters the last time I was there.

    Your write has the pace, the feel of the city. Perfect!

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    1. I’m pretty sure she has a switchblade in her boot. Push come to shove, I let her win. Not from chivalry but from fear. Would be great to have you come visit though.


  6. LOVE this! I’m smiling with my cup of Joe here…..late to the reading and about to saunter off to my yoga class. I’ll return to visit more “cities” but you, here, have made my day! LOVING the ending…and oh yes….running the midget to get a seat on that bus or metro or whatever. I do understand! 🙂 So I wonder, do you have a competitive spirit overall….or only in that commuters’ race? 🙂

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