Après Moi le Déluge

chicken on sale, the tender breasts
repeated so tenderly I suffer
meat shock repeat after me my wife says
but I still forget and return short-handed, clew footed,
clueless, gizzardly beaked and peaked
with life and liberty and the pursuit of feed corn
sandwiched between life in the fast lane and mayonnaise
it crosses the road again and again
like some kind of pullet Sisyphus,
a chicken of the sea you can tune a guitar but you can’t tunafish,
chicken-handed left-winded side-wounded, wound rewound webfooted,
It bears repeating but no repeating bears since isn’t even one bear unbearable?
The cockscomb truth waggles in the telling
like wind in a two x two chambered heart —
my capon tastes like a castrato
singing in St. Peters

For dVerse MTB

33 thoughts on “Après Moi le Déluge

  1. Totally tripped over my chicken lips while reading this out loud!!! Not sure what the repetitive form is here, but I’m feeling both dizzy (from your poem) and indulgent (all those allusions!), so it gets to stand.

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  2. Delicious! Such clever repetitions- that pounding beat is a repetition in itself, and repeating the word repetition so that becomes another layer of nose-thumbing. The originality of the provocation in this piece is suburb! A great example of how subversive a poet can be.

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