Quadrille – Steep

Steep is the color
of my true love’s eyes,
cave cliffs
where swallows dive

Like falling love
at breakneck speed,
gravity redlines,
blinding, see

shy wings bend
first close to her body,
then straighten, extending

Strength in curve and rise –
Grace. Precipice. Desire.

For dVerse Quadrille

33 thoughts on “Quadrille – Steep

  1. I love the opening stanza, riffing on the old Donovan song, ‘Yellow is the colour of my true love’s hair, but yours is so much more beautiful, especially the ‘cave cliffs where swallows dive’.

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    1. Wow, better than Donovan, LOL! Yes, I hoped that would echo in the background. There’s also a “Black is the color of my true love’s hair” which I think Donovan borrowed. So hopefully I’m in good company.

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      1. yes, that song reference comes through as a wonderful tribute and nexus here, but especially nice to have the synesthetic shift from color to grade of incline, foreshadowing that wonderful precipice. Little deaths, large loves. passionate and sensual. stunning

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  2. I love the first two,lines which are a “set up” for the rest of the poem. That “falling” in love. I’m reminded of the Cahows’ nesting grounds in Bermuda…the holes and miniature caves in the rocky cliffs along the shores. You see them nosedive into the water from their soaring points, and it almost looks like careening into the rocks – at the last minute into the cave nest they disappear.

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