TSM 139

This will be about rope.And so?
Turk’s Head knots
for eyes.Just because you say “trefoil”
doesn’t make it true.
Braided X’s.Like eyes sewn shut. Whipstitch is it?
Coils and splices.You are spliced to me, yes.
Coils of smoke. I gave up my Marlboros
when you were four.
You are bent in death.Bend – to join one rope to another. What ties us?
Our rigging of blood.
of us make correct use
Why are these nautical, I was a cowgirl.
Arroyos to the Panhandle
look like the bottom of the sea.
You would have meYou would
the solstice.me with the sun.
Blocks and sheaves to lift
Swing me
from the crack of noon.
the dawn.
Bight, cordage, knot,
Bite, pull, thread, lash,
tangle what is
from you.
You know you do not mean that.
into every strand.

The Sunday Muse

20 thoughts on “TSM 139

  1. It’s two, two two mints in one! I love it when you go all experimental and different like this. I also love how the it’s almost interactive, giving the reader choices in how to read it, let alone interpret it. Somehow the knot eyes stay with me.

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    1. “Two mints in one” – Ahahahaha! Priceless. Thanks for putting up with this. Probably more to come as I wobble around experimenting. It is tricky to keep things moving and (hopefully) interesting enough to the reader that they stick with it.


  2. I read this a couple of times, trying to take in the different view points. Interesting presentation. Tangle what is living, dying a twisted mess we now live in and hope to survive through. The ropes,
    the braids are intertwining much like life and your words, I can visually see myself braiding 3 strands of thoughts. This poem is about knots…to knot or not that is the question?

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  3. “just because you say “trefoil” doesn’t make it true…..Ain’t that the truth?! Like the other poets, I love the different directions this takes the reader. Your word crafting is mind blowing Qbit. I look forward to more of your amazing poetic experimentation!!

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  4. I really relish reading these. As Shay says, it’s interactive, and I mix it up and get more than one poem, yet one poem, mingled and made to tell more than meets the eye in each box. I was a lonesome cowgirl once, and also four, once, so the splices and the rope tricks speak my own refraction in a child’s mirror, while the adult in me feels the knots and tangles. Just great writing, all the way, and all the ways.

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