TSM 189

Watching Beatles clips on YouTube –
John Lennon walks into the studio
in a giant fur coat twice his size
that looks like an apex predator 
humping Little Red Riding Hood

It is the moment just before 
they devour the band forever,
and all I can think I as I watch –
they all have
such small teeth

The Sunday Muse

23 thoughts on “TSM 189

  1. Sometimes it’s not the sharks, it’s the piranhas that get you. And sadly neither that coat, nor Yoko, nor all the dragon chasing gave Lennon much protection. Short, vivid and, dare I say, biting little piece, qbit.

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  2. Wow, that went somewhere unexpected. On Disney+ plus they are showing a segment on the Beatles. That coat always seemed too heavy for him….the small teeth made me smile. Interesting
    read but, now I wonder if the eyes appear big, so much to take in.

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  3. They were big on the pop scene, topping the charts! But they did it in being just ordinary. Perhaps they were lucky having fans who make them sound big!


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  4. I looked twice but I couldn’t see any teeth. I had some thoughts like that first verse but said, “Self, I don’t want you writing anything “R” rated.” In the morning the girl’s daisies were singing to me.

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  5. The Beetles were a narrow miss for me (in that I only ever knew them as a past tense band, rarely heard except on the radio) but this adds an interesting swagger to the idea of them.

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