26 thoughts on “TSM 194

  1. the leap of imagination here is like the skipped beat of the heart – read this several times for sheer enjoyment
    my heart like a highway at night” – wow! (sorry I hate that word but it says more than it exclaims)

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  2. This is what I love about short poems–they cut quick and deep, just like the broken glass slivers in a lover’s eyes, and freeze you in place like a long black highway to hell. Or so I read, and blather–a fine poem, and every image rings true.

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  3. I have a friend who has a glass eye. Scary at times. Her husband was a mess, a bugger, but he turned a new leaf. They’ve moved away but he and I are FB friends. Unlike your heroin she was passive and tolerant of her man.

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  4. “Your glass eye(s) breaking
    my heart…”
    The desperation of looking but not seeing is so well developed. Nice one qbit.

    Happy New Year

    Much love…

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  5. love is not blind
    in your arms the shivers and slivers
    clear and bright

    How nice qbit! A piece of loving care to warm the heart amidst all the ‘upheavals’ of 2021. Hoping for good things in the ensuing year ahead!


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