Paleo Blues

She said I had
Paleo blue eyes
light, the color of water
from before Fire –

Then dawn over Manhattan
greeting us
like the oldest sunrise
in history,

Where my ribs, ancient,
are stuffed in the mud
of Olduvai Gorge,
aching for excavation,

Ten Million
with ten million
more to go –

One by one
I pull my bones from the bed,
evolve them together yet again.
and go walk the dog.



Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 406

28 thoughts on “Paleo Blues

  1. This has an underlying 12 bar progression and an unstated ‘Where are my shoes?’ kind of feel about it. Olduvai Gorge mud and aching for excavation – great lines! Sing it, baby, sing it! Perfect Friday afternoon poem!

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  2. my mud-colored eyes enjoyed this one.

    I once stood at the Oldupai Gorge (how it was spelled on the plaque) and imagined eyes looking out 2 million years ago. thanks for bringing back that memory… ~

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