Glyph Dwelling

I want to scrimshaw love poems  
onto your bones. 
Scratch the itch of Rumi 
in endless scrawl 
knotting our ribs. 

No, I meant –  
carve totem poles 
of beastings, godheads, 
flying from one place in our story 
to another. 

No. I want to begin. 
and burnt offerings, 
cinders and spark,
painting cave walls 
red and black with our ashes. 

Desperate Poets OLN

First published at Euphemism, Spring 2019

9 thoughts on “Glyph Dwelling

  1. This says so much more than it might seem to, describing the arc of a relationship in all of its stages and in order. I mistyped. relationships as “relationwhips” and that’s a point to ponder right there. let the carving begin.

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  2. The art of love through the ages, stages and cultures. Or at least the art of desperately trying to express love… You sure do spin fine magic. After reading it a few of times, Leonard Cohen came to mind…

    “Or I’d crawl to you, baby and I’d fall at your feet
    And I’d howl at your beauty like a dog in heat
    And I’d claw at your heart and I’d tear at your sheet
    I’d say please (please)
    I’m your man”

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  3. If there’s a desperate love poem, ’tis here – the need to write love with ghosts for ink and “charcoal and burnt offerings” to hallow the deepest recesses a feeling goes. I’m tapping my toes to it. Thanks Randall –


  4. phew! loving with such passion that the poet wants to leave a mark on the inside. Superb verbalizing there at the start

    this reminds me of Mann’s “Magic Mountain” ~ “love is our sympathy with organic life.””

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