To the Snake, Anon

My reply to Jilly’s reply to the Denise Levertov poem, “To the Snake“. Full text in-line below.


To the Snake, Anon

Eat thine own tail, Ouroboros!
As I must eat my tale
and know we began only to end infinity,
leaving just our stories forever
twined, wrapped, twisted
as the caduceus we made in the forest,
our bower of staff and wings.

Would you shed me so easily?
Do you not taste of your venom?
Your lie forks your tongue
that such pleasure was not love,
the brush of our skin immortal.

My garden flowered with too much joy;
I cannot regret now
what I will bear alone.


The Snake’s Keening
by Jilly

Bright Girl, when you plucked me from
the grass and round your neck I hung
felt your seering warmth
and whispered in your ear the secrets
of a serpent’s curse
the weight of sin and shame I bare
wounded in your ears —

Bright Girl — I swore to my scaled children that certainly
you were sinless! But truly
I had no hope of ever passing your heel, only desire
and be held by you, for that thrill,
which bereft
of guilt, as the grass closed
behind me, and you with that dark
assurance in your eyes,
I shall never share.


To the Snake
by Denise Levertov

Green Snake, when I hung you round my neck
and stroked your cold, pulsing throat
as you hissed to me, glinting
arrowy gold scales, and I felt
the weight of you on my shoulders,
and the whispering silver of your dryness
sounded close at my ears —

Green Snake–I swore to my companions that certainly
you were harmless! But truly
I had no certainty, and no hope, only desiring
to hold you, for that joy,
which left
a long wake of pleasure, as the leaves moved
and you faded into the pattern
of grass and shadows, and I returned
smiling and haunted, to a dark morning.

Renga Challenge -Sarah/Qbit

Love and longing and technology by Sarah and me!

Fmme writes poems


Come and stand beside me at the window,
the world is out there waiting for us,
the way we used to wait for first and second post,
news of lovers stepping out from their rooms.
Now we just wait for them to post
selfies from their bedrooms or their bathrooms –
Seconds from you now in postscripted time,
never farther from what we first needed:

Though now I’m not sure what it is you need,
your window on the world has shrunk so much,
Careful not to lose your sight
on the cutting points of pixel light.
While your fingers dance their tango
Over that smooth, slick touchscreen
I breathe in, arms outstretched, the stars
my orchestra, the garden my ballroom.
I am dancing in the moonlit air,
My skin alive with the scent of night
and you, and you, and you, and you!

How we move together in…

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Charley/qbit Renga

This Renga boldly goes where no Renga has gone before! (There’s probably a good reason for that, LOL!) Take your pick, time, puns, camels, rockets, we have it all!

Life in Portofino

Saturdays are promises misspoken that carry
ammunition for the week.  We enter

a range of exhaustion,
bullet bright, concentric motifs

that rifle us past the Sun.  Mooning our loss
of respite from the race, a legion rattles

Is velocity even a question?
What deserts scorched at perihelion?

Melting sands swirl – camels in glass.
Weapons droop into ploughshares.

Still the hardened days untillable,
“until” hocked like a promissory

note.  Hooked on through dies Martis.
Humpday comes as oasis breather.

Then Fire-day our trial by splitting
the distance between caravanserai

and the Gobi-tween.  Dates blend.
Hookah left at the next pyramid.

Time burnt in offering, smoking skyward.
The camels shift nervously in their traces.

qbit has taken up my Renga Challenge as a part of Jilly’s January Casting Bricks to Attract Jade Challenge

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Sweet Peas Renga – Jilly/qbit

Wild ride Renga by Jilly and me. Hold on to your hats, and enjoy the creative process in the comments!


qbit has taken up my Renga Challenge – it is bound to be…interesting; stick around!   Jilly’s January Challenge of Casting Bricks to Attract Jade is in full swing.  Join us; everyone is welcome!

Like sweet peas in water colors
echoes cross the river

Our dung, our beetled life, our turvey sleep,
we fall into carapaces and disjointed limbs

Guttering wings
grid of prophecies emeralding mold

Divined by eyes upon our backs
that see us once, see us twice

Skittering wake caroms,
threatens our sight; our sight

Our slight, slightest, lightest
saucy flight our taste of heaven

Indigo’s bitter blue
crushes, crunches veins of penicillin

Skewered through the helix,
twinned and twined to origins

Euphrates yellows our canvas
diminished chords return unanswered

Tigris Tigris burning bright
our garden silenced by such fire.

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Leap Sleep


Ferry breaking ice.  Nantucket MA, 2018
Ferry breaking ice, Nantucket Harbor, New Year’s Day, 2018


That unbeknownst to all,
slumber requires
a leap dream –
like a leap year –
an extra turn or toss
of night
to true up
the gaps in our days,
alms, for shadows
gone begging.

And explains, so, finally,
never feeling quite
caught up
to ourselves.



For dVerse Quadrille #47

E-Z 2018 Resolutions

I think it is important to put some early/easy wins on the board regarding New Year’s resolutions. Create momentum!

Starting with some basics:

  • Find my socks.
  • Use turn signals when driving.
  • Which reminds me, need to change the oil.

Lessee, what else?

  • Perfect acting like I’m paying attention in meetings. Huge poetry writing payoff!
  • Hmmm… wife’s BS detector is pretty good when I try that on her. Needs research.
  • Play frisbee with dog. Can’t go wrong there.
  • Stand up for myself that really, no, I just don’t care for eggplant. No thank you. Really. I know it’s probably excellent, but please just accept no for an answer. Please.
  • Prove to the wife once and for all that my way to walk to the ferry is ten feet shorter than hers. OK, no, don’t do that.

Need some more quick hits!

  • Don’t need that 5th (6th?) cup of coffee.
  • Nah, scratch that.
  • Watch the Super Bowl even if the Patriots don’t make it.
  • Change the batteries in the nose hair trimmer. (Good!)
  • Simplify wardrobe – wear spandex tights to work instead of trousers.

OK, that’s a wrap. See y’all in the New Year!


For Toad’s 2018 Resolutions