Return of the Year Zero

It began to rain Time –
Change coming upon us hard.
We couldn’t count the months and years
Fast enough
As they came slanting down.
First pooling at our feet
Then quicksilver-slipping away,
Leaving us breathless.

The Truth stretched out before us
Almost to the breaking point,
We tried to keep faith
With that horizon —
Our hopes and fears
Rising and setting
But always in the distance,
Dreams wheeling like a Zodiac
Yearning for an end.

Words split apart
Into syllables both terrible and bright,
Their halving
Redeemable only in Confession:
Our mouths full of tumbrel,
Our tongues sharp as Guillotines –
The heads roll both Right and Left
As they are wont to do,
Unmoored as we are
In the Year Zero.