In this fevered
New York Minute
Of an afternoon

The air
Invigorated with heat,
Ecstatic with heat,
Courageous, charging into traffic
With heat,
Perilous with heat

A stalker,
A crazed lover
Bitter about rejection,
Just can’t let go,
“I want you, need you”

But we
Are running super chill
Mobile electronic
Cold brew
On ice
In our veins

So we’re red hot
And blue cool
And don’t you forget it.


For Tantalizing Tuesday Tete-a-Tetes


It is not for us
To untangle
The twists of sadness.

Its binding threads —
Each discrete strand, memory
Of loss, of melancholy,

Spliced, one by one
With fibers of soul,
Until becomes the knotted heart.

To separate them then
Would take the
Center from itself,

That which is

Worry from care,
Grief from love,
Heart from break.



Opening effort for Tantalizing Tuesday‘s first Three Word Challenge, hopefully picking up from where Three Word Wednesday left off after shutting down.