Going Green

Green is the color that crawls
Green digs and scrapes
Green reeks of green and
Green isn’t for you or me
Green is knee high to a grasshopper
that is greener than green
Green is the color that stumbles from
leaves drunk on sunlight
Green is the color of night
during the day
Green is always grassier
on the other side of the fence
Green was the color of chartreuse
before chartreuse was even a thing
Green waits for no man
Green is the color of my true love’s lies
Green is the password the women knew
Green are the woeful hills
Green is the sound of your fingernails
rending the earth
Green is how you lost your way
in the woods, Green Giant
Green on the way in
Green on the way out
Everything coming up green.



For The Twiglits

Sound Thinking

The temperature dropped like a stone –
Which made me think
That invisible, freezing rocks must be
Falling from the sky
So I should stay inside.

But no. I wondered instead if could hear
All the pebbles and rocks along the road
Shrinking in their skins
With the same silence as ice
Cracking from cold.

Or maybe down at the beach sand
Might be singing, the way it does in summer,
Except Christmas Carols and Auld Lang Syne.
Hard to hear much over
The sound of the ocean shivering,

The waves coming in
And stamping their feet,
As they try to shake off
This North Atlantic chill
Just down from Labrador.

For The Twiglets