Nothing Better

I run my finger along
That one rib
Right under your heart.
I think it is my lost one, no?
If I gently kiss it,
Will it open
Like a secret?

I would pray then that I find
I am not a Midas,
My desire leaving you gold,
That you are no Pandora,
Your nightmares swarming
While holding out hope.

If I were enough of a hero
I would enter into the mystery
Blindfolded through the maze,
Learn you by touch
Turn by turn.

I would have to swear
Never look at you directly
Unless I would spend eternity
Without you.
Because how would we live
If there was nothing to separate us?

If both our better and worse selves
Stuttered light and dark before us,
We would be as moths
Trapped in a streetlight,
Trying at once to find
A way in and a way out.

At Root

Because bulldozers do that –
They slice off the tap root
At ground level
As they smash aside
The trunk and branches.
But sometimes the root
Continues on,
Struggles to push deeper
Into dirt, water, darkness.
In confusion it tries
Passing its gifts upward
To phantom limbs.

No matter that something new
And maybe beautiful
Will arise in place. That
Even deeper roots
May eventually delve
And sustain.

What grew for years
Knows only its loss —
There is nothing left
To feed with dreams.


New splits the dawn
Into before
And after.

New rends the darkness, scattering
Past and present
Like light.

Breaks the silence
Between then and now
Where I lie next to you.

Is your skin
When I kiss your shoulder

One to the other
Uncovered in spark.