You never forget
Adjusting the eyepiece,
How it took a moment
For your gaze to relax
Its focus,

Allowing Saturn, its rings
To come into view.
The shock
Of heaven
You were not expecting.

So you must always return –
Cannot say goodbye –
To hoping for this world,
To catch just one
More glimpse,

To try and memorize
Each split of light
The moment before it’s gone,
And commit its name
To heart,

Then write haphazard lines
Across the sky,
Words stumbling
From star to star
Tracing memory’s faint glimmer

Of what you hope
Was truth.




Three Word Wednesday is shutting down. Final prompt was “Goodbye, Memorize, Haphazard.” Some of my best writing came from this site, even if I didn’t always link back. I will miss it, but do not say goodbye to what it has given me.

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