July Challenge – Song/Physik

Raven q(r)uark, crassing, voicing,

mate circling a similar air.

Independent, minded, capable

of linguistic displacement, weighted

with significant information –

it was present at inception.

This new part(icle) bird, part

Gesture, a caws celebre,

Big bang of wings a flight path,

String theory applied

To its nest of black gravity,

Its entangled stare, its feathered

Dark matter.


My Physics take on Petru’s (petrujviljoen) Song. Latest attempt at Jilly’s July Challenge. 

19 thoughts on “July Challenge – Song/Physik

  1. Just wonderful! What does qbit stand for by the way? I should visit your About page! Black gravity and the whole response was great! As usual the comment exchanges are equal fun!


    1. A qbit (or qubit) is a quantum computing term. It is like a bit (0 or 1) in regular computing, but because of quantum uncertainty, a qbit can have multiple, simultaneous values. This turns out to be very interesting and allows solving many types of problems quickly that would take regular computer the life of the universe to complete. At least in theory, although there is some tangible progress in the lab. You did throw down “quark”, and if subatomic poetry is on deck, count me in, LOL!

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    1. Thanks. Probably too tightly packed, I was just coming off the Antithetical challenge, LOL. I don’t mind asking readers to work a bit, but when the wife gives me a blank WTF look, probably a *bit* too much.

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