Pilgrim No More

The violent wind. The violent wind. The violent wind “
– Jim Harrison

I pilgrim no more
To the temple of storm,
Where the heart shakes
Like a fist
Against the axis of sky.

Where anger and fate
Turn about each other,
Of a dual-faced god.

I no longer seek
Old or new testament
Of my losses,
Or to tabernacle
My wounds.

Make no mistake,
I am as capable of rage,
As capable of murder
As you,

And no more forgiving.
We walk through life’s tempest
Our garments
Soaked with rain.

Day Six – “The Violent Wind”

9 thoughts on “Pilgrim No More

  1. Dang! This is good. The violence of the words are stronger than the wind. Temple of storm – well, every line, just draws me up short with the power. And the weakness of the feel in the final stanza that is universally human – unsheltered / garments soaked with rain.

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    1. Thanks, as always. This was a tough one, feels like it risks being over the top. I wish I had more time. Trying to keep this up every day us going to be a struggle!

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