6 thoughts on “Haiku – Swing

  1. You have met the requirement of a worthy haiku; the first and last lines can be interchanged with no loss to the poem. I have to learn more about the Shogunate to understand your haiku in full, but it seems to have been deeply researched and painstakingly assembled. Bravo!

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  2. Life’s puzzle is solved if the lost sword is found, but it is like silver cranes on the wing – lost and flown away…. Am I understanding accurately? (Maybe the sword is stuck in a rock somewhere and the rightful knight… no, never mind.) I see balance in your Haiku, even if I am slightly off-balance in understanding.


    1. Here is what I was hoping for, might have been too ambiguous: So life is a puzzle. Tokugawa, like Alexander the Great cutting the Gordian Knot, can solve that puzzle with his sword. But as this is Tokugawa and *not* Alexander, the ;life puzzle he solves for you is probably cutting your head off. The Zen Master points to the cranes as also the solution/non-solution. Life/Death, two sides of the same puzzle. OK, OK, I know that is a lot. I was hoping to hint, to glimmer some of that.

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        1. Yes, helps to know who Tokugawa was, and how ruthlessly he would solve complex problems simply and quickly with a blow of his sword. But I want to hold my Zen Master to the same standard, the koan of the cranes as a sword cutting through discriminating consciousness, yadda yadda.

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