6 thoughts on “Jade Warrior

  1. Okay, I LOVE “took prisoner of your eyes — / Prized their tempest for itself” and “A stone that secrets rain” At these points you step out of the “real” world of prose (not that the rest is prose; not at all!) and enter the neighborhood in poetry where alchemy and magic happens. Who ever has accused Jade of being a miserly hoarder and a jailer? What a horrid beast is Jade! Or how deeply alone! Or how deeply in love/infatuation/lust! Bravo!

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    1. Thank you!! Was hoping that worked. It isn’t especially obvious, and I don’t always know if there are enough handholds to draw anyone in past “WTF?” LOL!


  2. Well, I started with WTF – then read a couple more times… It is the secreting of rain that baffles me and makes me work for this one. I read that as ‘tears,’ hence the stony heart. This is excellent poetry, my friend!

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