The Garden

You said “jacaranda”
And I “bougainvillea”,
But neither of us know a thing
About either other than
The divine comedy of
Loving words,
Like when we didn’t know
The names for birds
So we invented them –
Marmalade Bunting,
Clicky-Throated Sparrow
The Tobias Finch –
The error of our ways
Like the joyous mistakes
Of Creation,
In the beginning
Was the Word
As God was just
Making stuff up
And here we are


For Wednesday Poetry Prompts

15 thoughts on “The Garden

      1. Hahaha! Those were great. Interesting analysis. Yes, “oo” and “wee” sounds seem inherently funny to English speakers. I think there is even more research on this. BTW, you might really like my prior poem, might be one of my better writes. If it has scrolled past your point of no return in your blogreader here it is:


  1. Fun write ! The arbitrariness of names and the false comfort they give us of any real knowledge it startling. And this can be the source of much fun in games — being it playfully naming things or making up gods. [btw, thanks for visiting my poem, I replied to your comment]

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Good to hear from you again. BTW, you might enjoy are few of my more recent poems as well – Life Vest and Drayage. I know you like a well turned phrase or two!


    1. Ahahaha, thanks. Yes, those Marmalade Buntings are good company when eating buttered toast out on the deck. Welcome to my blog. If you have a sec, I think you will particularly like my Life Vest poem from a couple of days ago.


  2. I had a professor who’d say, “Chew your words.” Words are sustenance to writers. Your poem reminded me of her.

    I especially am enthralled with your last stanza. God has a wicked sense of humor.


  3. Ah! Playing God with the birds, I see. (LOL) This is a charmer with the personal revelations of the poet voice and the twists and turns. For those who love playing with words, this really resonates. (Clicky-Throated Sparrow is the best!)


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