“The birds are a chorus…clearly relatives of Mozart”
– Jim Harrison (Day Nineteen – 28 Days of Unreason)


Bird, box, grave –
Mozart gave a funeral
For his starling*.

I may want more
For my Requiem,
But my Day of Judgment seems
Here, now, along this road,
Dies irea of dirt and sand.

A flock of birds
Unsung across the wires,
Wary of my approach
As any St. Peter.

And startled, rise as one
When across the moor
A nail gun taps out Kyrie
To closing wood.

*Wikipedia: Mozart's Starling

15 thoughts on “Prelude

  1. So, I’m torn between this being a serious, sombre poem, and a tongue-in-cheek one. Either way, you have read deeply and well… or are a musician. A poet you are for certain.

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    1. That is the exact question about Mozart and the bird. Nobody knows if the whole thing was a hoot, or if he was actually torn up about it. All I could think though is that if our quote asserts birds are members of his family, then I guess they deserve a decent burial.

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  2. Prelude, Dies irae, Requiem & Kyrie – you have my rapt attention throughout and I’m not sure if I should smile or cry. The nail gun line is rivoting (crap; did I say that?) Quite enjoyed those spectators on the unsung wires. Clever poem, my friend! This particular quote from Harrison has yielded much mirth all round.

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    1. Thanks! Yes, there is nothing like Musing on Mozart, Music and Mortality in the company of our birds of a feather. BTW, can you do me a huge favor – I am about to get on my 15 hour return flight. Could you spot me the next prompt here (or post early) so I can wrestle with it on the plane? I am wheels up about 9PM EDT.

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      1. Glad I saw this – headed out for the evening. Here’s the next 3 – ignore the dates from last year.
        20. Words are moving water, muddy, clear, or both (8/5)
        21. Like many poets I’m part blackbird and part red squirrel and my brain chatters, shrieks, and whistles. (8/6)
        22. Nature detonates your mind with the incalculable freshness of the new day (5/24) Day 22

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