Renga – Raccoon Bones (qbit/frankjt)

Raccoon bones
Litter the rocks

Striding through the backyard

Snarled tracks in snow
Prowl the sliding door

Flick of a light switch
Scamper of footsteps

Is MIAow

Urine puddle
The late-night cleanup!

Is paper wolf

Barking chorus
Racing deer

The eyes, the eyes
The eyes, the eyes

Last clatter
The waning moon



Authors and Madpersons: qbit and frankjtassone

Renga Challenge – Raccoon Bones

Jilly’s September Casting Bricks Challenge.

19 thoughts on “Renga – Raccoon Bones (qbit/frankjt)

        1. OK, all done and posted. The last line was perfect. Brings all the canidid madness to a beautiful, subtle close.

          Quick question — I am pretty much just winging it here, and I got what little I know from reading a lot of Jane Reichhold. She was of the opinion that “Renga’ was still the best term for this collaborative style, and seemed a bit passionate rejecting “Renku”. I read a bit more and it seems that there are other folks in the “you can’t call this Renga, so let’s call it Renku” camp. You labeled it Renku in your reblog, and know a million times more about this than me, LOL! You view on all this? Did I stick my foot in it labelling this Renga?

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          1. I’ll be honest: when I first reposted, I thought you wrote renku. When I checked again, I saw that you wrote renga, so I revised.

            Renku is a modern version of renga. I don’t know of any controversy over the use of either term. What we wrote would likely be called renku rather than renga, since we used couplets rather than alternating haiku and couplets. I don’t care what we call it! It’s amazing no matter it’s name, and it’s fun to write. That’s the point of renga and renku, anyway!

            For more information, the Haiku Foundation has this:

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