Renga “Playing Fetch” Jilly/Qbit

Come read some sharp word-play in a Renga by Jilly and me!


Qbit has taken up this challenge.  I will update our ongoing collaboration through 10 couplets.   If you are interested in joining in, stop by the original post for Playing Fetch with Knives and let me know!  This is a part of the September Challenge of Casting Bricks; join us.

He didn’t stand a chance
She was as fetching as a boning knife

He would slice his fingers
On the cut of her dress

Exquisite sting
he considers the price

What is fair game
For a member of the criminal sex

She would welcome every pain
Lay the blame at his feet

The hollow-points of honor
Reach escape velocity

Parting the sea of obstacles
Leaving his armor in the slipstream

Of unmanned missions

To describe how charming she
found his melodrama in her 39th week

Her eyes spinning like daggers:
“Here’s looking at you, kid.”

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