9 thoughts on “Salamander Mind

  1. So glad Harrison tends to travel with you. Firstly, let me say I rattled the windows laughing at this one!! At least, at the ending. The salamander mind, however, is an intriguing image. A mind that lives in duality? A Hellbender? Cold-nosed mind? Hmmm. Love a poem that leaves me with more questions than answers! (I also ask the question Why does a human rights lawyer also ‘like’ this poem – haha!) One final conundrum for me – how this all connects with the quote… must read it again in the morning.

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    1. Way! So happy it tickled you, lol! You gave me that salamander BTW, something you said about their metaphorical heritage. The link with the quote, I’ll let you work on that tomorrow.

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        1. To spare you potential brain-damage — meant simply as our reptile brain, legacy of amphibians crawling out from the sea. The source of fight/flight/sex drive, emotion, e.g. the music that is pre-verbal.

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