14 thoughts on “Haiku – All Hallow’s Eve

  1. Really enjoyed this. First I wondered if “Hollow” was a typo == after all, you wrote this Hallow’s Eve. But of course the sky is hollow — or does that mean cloudless. With a hollow sky and empty church yard on Halloween Eve, all souls (the believers, the unbelievers) would feel unrest — for there is not comfort in the emptiness for either. My image, at least.

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    1. Yes, And a play on the idea of Halloween where spirits would rise up out of the graves leaving the churchyard “empty”, and those “souls” not at rest, and the living feeling a shiver of fright.


      1. Odd, isn’t it, if spirits are of those we love in those graves, that they would rise at night should not be frightening, should it? But hell, it is frightening, cause anything that rises, ain’t going to be our beloved. 😉

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      1. Let’s see, I had to look up “All Soul’s Day”:
        Catholic Christians believe that there are now three places you can go after you die (use to be 4):

        (1) Heaven — Amazingly Good Catholics who die in a state of perfect grace and communion with God. ** Precious Few

        (2) Purgatory — Sort of OK Catholics who are free of mortal sins but still in a state of venial sin. There they get purged (cleansed) of that nasty sin. But I am not sure how they do that.

        (3) Hell — well, all Non-Catholics: Hindus, protestants, Jews, Muslims, Atheists, Agnostics … Great party.

        There use to be a fourth (4) Limbo, for unbaptised Catholic babies, but that got voted out about a decade ago, I think

        So anyway, on All Souls day — which is November 2nd — you are to pray for those in Purgatory (99% of the dead people you knew — well, the Catholic ones). That will somehow help clean their sins.

        All Saint’s Day, however, November 1, Catholics celebrate all those saintly people that made it all the way to heaven on the first shot. Believe it or not, good Catholics are obliged to go to Mass that day.

        All these days started back in 609 AD with Pope Boniface IV.

        So the set up is for Allhallowtide is:
        1) All Saint’s Eve (Halloween)
        2) All Saint’s Day (All Hallows’; Hallowsmas)
        3) All Soul’s Day

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