E-Z 2018 Resolutions

I think it is important to put some early/easy wins on the board regarding New Year’s resolutions. Create momentum!

Starting with some basics:

  • Find my socks.
  • Use turn signals when driving.
  • Which reminds me, need to change the oil.

Lessee, what else?

  • Perfect acting like I’m paying attention in meetings. Huge poetry writing payoff!
  • Hmmm… wife’s BS detector is pretty good when I try that on her. Needs research.
  • Play frisbee with dog. Can’t go wrong there.
  • Stand up for myself that really, no, I just don’t care for eggplant. No thank you. Really. I know it’s probably excellent, but please just accept no for an answer. Please.
  • Prove to the wife once and for all that my way to walk to the ferry is ten feet shorter than hers. OK, no, don’t do that.

Need some more quick hits!

  • Don’t need that 5th (6th?) cup of coffee.
  • Nah, scratch that.
  • Watch the Super Bowl even if the Patriots don’t make it.
  • Change the batteries in the nose hair trimmer. (Good!)
  • Simplify wardrobe – wear spandex tights to work instead of trousers.

OK, that’s a wrap. See y’all in the New Year!


For Toad’s 2018 Resolutions

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