Renga Challenge -Sarah/Qbit

Love and longing and technology by Sarah and me!

Sarah writes poems


Come and stand beside me at the window,
the world is out there waiting for us,
the way we used to wait for first and second post,
news of lovers stepping out from their rooms.
Now we just wait for them to post
selfies from their bedrooms or their bathrooms –
Seconds from you now in postscripted time,
never farther from what we first needed:

Though now I’m not sure what it is you need,
your window on the world has shrunk so much,
Careful not to lose your sight
on the cutting points of pixel light.
While your fingers dance their tango
Over that smooth, slick touchscreen
I breathe in, arms outstretched, the stars
my orchestra, the garden my ballroom.
I am dancing in the moonlit air,
My skin alive with the scent of night
and you, and you, and you, and you!

How we move together in…

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3 thoughts on “Renga Challenge -Sarah/Qbit

    1. For the benefit of American readers, in Great Britain the mail used to be delivered twice a day. First and Second post. I always felt it indeed made the British more civilized than we were. It made for this daily delicious sense of possibility – if nothing came in the mail in the morning, there was always still a chance for the afternoon. Of course, that was back when people wrote letters, on paper in longhand or typed…

      Long PS explaining that line…

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