Outside the Lines

You have to stop skydiving
Into my heart.

Ok, no, don’t stop,
it’s amazing, but

Picture this:
I am a haystack,
and you are on fire

Picture this:
I am the eight ball
and you are a pool shark

Picture this:
I am the chowder,
you are the spoon

But I can’t seem to paint you
Even with words –

Your eyes have no parachute,
no ripcord, no harness

and I don’t know how to color
in freefall.




For April Poem-a-Day

7 thoughts on “Outside the Lines

  1. I love the way you formatted your poem. The center section is like the mindless mindfulness I imagine a person entering before pulling the ripcord — watching the earth hurtle up toward you terrifyingly. Actually, the whole skydive thing puts me in a sweat, but your poem works beautifully.

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