15 thoughts on “Light Wine

  1. No. That would be fallen [off the wagon] angels. You pay hell getting them out of your sky. The beer drinking ones are worse — all that bowling.

    I really like the thought of sunset as a wine. Very cool image, Randall!

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    1. Maybe the ancients had it wrong. It wasn’t Vulcan smiting away. It was, uh, y’know? Let’s do a rethink, it was all too fraught with the Zeus and Hera stuff. I’ll start the International Society for Way More Fun Mythology. ISWMFM.

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        1. Wait, even better – we use the internet to promote conspiracy theories about it, Dan Brown makes it the basis of a novel, and we make a killing on the website promoting whacky nutritional products!


  2. Real enjoyed this ! I took “drinking OFF” the sunset to mean they were drinking it up — loved that, and then the necessary ribaldish humor that followed.
    I love when angels are stripped of the sacrosanct status!

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