I am paterfamilias
which I guess makes me the Latin Pope
of the living room
where I’m growling out these prayers

Crap! I just baptized
the armchair with spilled coffee,
frightening the dog and Mother Superior
with my vulgate benediction

When they were young
I would sell absolution
to the children
for the price of candy Easter eggs

If families are a religion
then we are catholic to the OED,
sermons of the word
blessed by constantly interrupting

Long ago shouted down from infallibility,
my mitre a fool’s cap –
they just tolerate my preaching,
pontificate meter on foolscap

For April Poem a Day

11 thoughts on “Paternoster

  1. Lord, have mercy! OED? Oxford English Dictionary? Anyway, this is hysterical! Baptism and sermonizing. From Colorado … that makes you high church. The C stroke is a cross … between absolution and sinning that grace may abound.

    Brilliant writing, Randall.

    Liked by 1 person

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