“I feel my failure intensely
as if it were a vital organ”
– Jim Harrison


If you are lucky
maybe that taproot
your heart set so deep
is a carrot, or turnip –
silly but useful,
at least something to eat
after the plough and harrow
have done their dirty work,
and planting comes in season.

But if it is hardwood,
your soul shaded by oak
or walnut,
what you thought would hold
against the deluge
comes up a balled fist
that couldn’t let go,
decades lost
in a single night
and no way to fill the hole


Day 3, 28 Days of Unreason

4 thoughts on “Taproot

  1. Fresh metaphors here – (Collins needn’t worry that we’ll ever run out) – and funny that you went to trees on this prompt; great minds and all that. 🙂
    The first stanza is disarming and then there is that reality at the end. Not ‘feh’ at all.


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