20 thoughts on “Haiku – YAG* Jag

  1. I’ve ridden in a Ford Galaxy. And a Pontiac Star Chief. It’s funny, but when I saw the title I heard a line from the movie Big Trouble (the one with Tim Allen in it, not Big Trouble in Little China). One character says, “I’m not getting into no fag Jag!” Another replies, “They’re made by Ford now!” …you’d have to see it, I guess. Anyway… hysterical as always! And deeply poignant. Down here you can see them driving around. Some with Day-Glo 22″ rims….

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  2. YAG! Love that allusion to a former Q line from the 2017 edition of Unreason. Truly a unique take on the quote of the day. Write- off scrap – a good description. Tempting to rhyme it, don’t you think?

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        1. I wonder if I could have dropped the “Ford”? Now it feels like I missed the mark. “Galaxies wrote-off to scrap” for example. But is it too much a jump for most readers to get that’s also a car? I think not well known enough.


          1. Starless, spangle-less,
            Galaxies wrote-off to scrap –
            Launch pad in the dumps

            I’m not sure I would have gotten it without it, and I’m old enough to remember the car. Your instincts were right to start with. It requires a car buff to know the spelling differences between the car, the van, and the Milky Way.


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