The hardest part is when the river
is too swift and goes underground for days
– Jim Harrison


Love me like a J-boat
all rubbery and tubular
whanging through the roil
and the walls and skys of water,
you are my Colorado rapids
running whitewater canyons

It’s been Class V crazy
but I love the thrill,
thrown overboard for you our
velocity pulls us under
and since
rescue is impossible

Will you marry me?



Day 14, 28 Days of Unreason

17 thoughts on “Rapid-Fire

  1. a Class V Valentine! Would take an adventurous lady to keep up with you
    p.s. had to look up ‘whanging’ as I only know ‘wanging’ as in wellie wanging – as in throwing rubber boots – a British folk sport – don’t ask!

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  2. It was river tradition when one was tossed from his boat to join that day’s “swim team” and that evening at camp would have to take a river booty (nasty!) and in front of everyone, pour a whole beer into into it and chug. I would almost rather be tempted to accept a doomed marriage proposal!

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