17 thoughts on “Haiku – Sod It

  1. oh those turf wars! but still every dog must have his day and all that- Jilly says Harrison a dog lover so he would add his praise to mine!

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  2. HA! This is great because I can read it more than one way. Does the dog battle other dogs or people for the spot of sod or is the sod the subject? If your dog is like mine, some spots on the turf are friendly (I’ll go here) and other spot are foe (no, not here, let me turn a few more times until I find the ‘right’ spot.) There is also the voice of the ‘halt’ line. Is that the dog, barking it out, or is it the sod? If I were the sod, I would be offended, all things considered. So, who wrote this; you or your dog?
    ps: Happy Father’s Day!

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    1. Hahaha! Thanks! I did make a small but I think better edit — “Dog makes turns on grass” to “Dog makes rounds on grass”. OK, sure, that’s gross, but fits better with the protective/defensive perimeter idea. I did warn you!!!

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      1. You DID change it! Wahaha! I think on Day 29 we shall have a quote/prompt that paws at that great mystery, “What makes this spot acceptable and that spot, not?” I mean, c’mon! I’m freezing/getting eaten alive/getting rained on, here!

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  3. Interesting. I read the title as being a British-ism. …as in, “oh, sod it!” or “Sod off!” That initial impression has doggedly remained with me. I get the battle of the sod… the corners being tagged, like bases… marking this as “home.” So much out of so few.

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  4. I can just picture this…in the true spirit of haiku. That’s a feisty dog indeed. I’ve warned my Zeus to be on the watch. One thing though…sod it means (oh! forget this!—*exasperated*)……so…I don’t get it.

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    1. Thanks!! Yes, agreed that how sod translates over the pond doesn’t quite work. It was more the attitude of the author giving up on an attempt at a serious response and going, “oh, sod it!’ and tossing out this Haiku in dispair and contempt. But could be the dog having to re-mark turf *yet again*, and the play on chunks of grass. Anyway, thanks again, lol!

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