21 thoughts on “Over Easy

  1. That’s cheating.
    But very funny.
    And probably potentially much deeper than it initially appears – will I make it through the night? Will I be nurtured, or will I have to feed myself? Which comes first, the cereal or the egg?

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    1. Yep. Both Sartre and the Buddha liked a cup of coffee, a croissant, and and cigarette to start their day right. We’re all the same around the world when we live in Paris and can sit for a few hours in the morning at a the Lapin Agile.

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      1. No. Your snarky micro poem is brilliant! By the way… maybe some people are the same all over the world. When I was in South Korea, the breakfast of choice (champions), was fish, rice, and kimchi. Best eaten in a community circle (four to ten people around a mat covered with food) squatting somewhere near a street. Hard for a tall American used to cereal and milk, or waffles.

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  2. is this a serial? sorry if my comment is longer than your micro but brevity was never my strong point – serious resonance too for all the people wondering what there is to eat but I looked on the funny side today – smiles!

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  3. Word! (*dropping the mike*)

    I kept this brief in line with your profound question.

    Look! As we gather around this response. What does it mean? Surely- there are great depths to this wisdom. We shall follow you (à la Forest Gump).

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