Blind Sight

“It is life’s work to recognize the mystery of the obvious”
– Jim Harrison


Your laugh a blurry yawn –
I’m so nearsighted you are always

your beautiful best each morning
as you push me out of bed

Yet my eyes have the gift of
near sight –

Husbandry the myopia
of close study and closer calls

That look, too close
for comfort

Such when I roll back towards you
within a whisper of your lips

A semiquaver of your eyes’
plainsong light

I see how love and the world


Day 28, 28 Days of Unreason

11 thoughts on “Blind Sight

  1. Clever trick in the title(s) of this; out-smarting WP. Those center two stanzas with closer call and too close for comfort, are the mystery in the obvious. Plainsong – nice word choice. Well done!

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  2. “That look, too close // for comfort… I see how love and the world // collapse” Implied fear of intimacy the way I read it – on the part of the poet narrator. Seeing plainsong light in her gaze – spiritual connotations (or the book that takes place in eastern Colorado)? An enigmatic poem – if looked at too closely and for too long. Great write!

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