TSM 98

Let’s do the hang in your grudge gallery –
that marble nausoleum where we all

Frame, gild, and geld our hurt,
preserve our trophy bruises

Under halogen lighting like glitter
of broken glass.

Your panoramic grievances – Waterloo,
you glory-horsed Napoleon you!

Or that day you bravely crossed the street
like Washington crossing the Delaware.

Show me your modern art of insults
more pointed than mustachios,

Your curated vandalism, subway car panels
grifted and tattooed,

And your Renaissance room’s priceless Titian –
taking Jesus down from the cross.

But it’s closing time,
and my feet are tired.

The guidebook says tomorrow
we should visit the zoo.

For The Sunday Muse

26 thoughts on “TSM 98

  1. I guess we all have a room reserved for all our tears, shed and unshed. It is best we rarely visit it! I love th4e tongue-in-cheek sassiness of this poem!

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  2. I love “glory-horsed” and crossing the street as if it were the Delaware. Yes, the zoo sounds like the place for this bungle in the jungle!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha, yes. Maybe could have landed on “Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!”, but Tull certainly has that staked out pretty well.


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