TSM 108

Aztec Two-Step

sometimes the old ways are the best ways
who needs vaccines, I say
let’s roll some heads tumblety-peg
into the volcano of contagion,
appease the lava god in our lungs,
intubate with obsidian knives

fellow free citizens –
you jaguar knights and eagle warriors –
a poet you must choose:
you will rip a heart from its ribs
and light a ceremonial hearth
in the hole in our chests

first paint me blue-starved O2
and surrender my body
to the cash pyramid and the priests
will you then all snake and feathers
dance with immunity
wearing my skin?

For The Sunday Muse

19 thoughts on “TSM 108

  1. I have read your poem three times .. one of them aloud (in my best wannabe actor way) so impressed by the relevancy of it, the mastery you have over words and your creative process.

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  2. Interesting perspective, I am not sure I want to fall into the volcano of contagion, especially if it Covid. Is there immunity now, I am not sure? I guess time will tell.

    It is always interesting to see what you come up with.

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  3. You’ve expressed so well what many of us are feeling. Do we jump in the fire or wait until out of control capitalism starves us?

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