TSM 110

today I
my 6-ton bottle jack
drained and replaced
the hydraulic fluid
scoured rust
with WD40
before that I had planned
to launch a rocket
of words
a fiery blast across the sky
but instead I lifted
the car 8 inches
off the ground
which is as close
as I can get
to flipping something over
and lighting the fuse

The Sunday Muse

15 thoughts on “TSM 110

  1. A rocket of words is timely. I still have my jack and four jack stands but I don’t get under cars anymore. I could get under but I couldn’t get back up.

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        1. So great! Estes rockets. I was super into those as a kid. I never worked up the courage to build the Saturn V with all those booster engines, but pretty much everything else in the catalog. Then started designing my own.

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  2. *looks in dumb confusion at the mechanical stuff*

    *cheers wildly for the 8 inches gained.* 8 inches times a million could put us miles ahead.

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