TSM 115

are you asking
whether my mind is gin-clear
as anyone who drinks to sterilize
their blood
and wash away
the viral crown of thorns
lodged like a burr
in lungs of the faithful
or are you just checking
when I roll a whisky stone
to close the tomb
I wipe it down with alcohol

The Sunday Muse

15 thoughts on “TSM 115

  1. I’m not much of a gin drinker, but I lift a virtual toast to your poem. There are way too many lines for me to quote…You got me hooked as soon as I started reading it.

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  2. crown of thorns … corona … wiping the stone in front of the grave with whiskey … being watched …
    what we are living is wholly terrible with the potential of various states clamping down on their citizens – I wonder if we stand a chance. Us citizens that is.

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