TSM 117

now I think the instructions to perform a
CAT Scan
didn't mean I wave a cat over you while
you slept
as I looked to your body for poems my
love, not
scratch and struggle and Howl in shamanic pain or
the dog
doggerel barking frenzied free verse
waking you
my dear I'm sorry for the caterwaul, the catafalque
of poems
I've scrawled, their jagged arrhythmia ECG monitor
boop boop
hooked up to arterial dreams scanning and probing for

The Sunday Muse

Quickly Now

25 thoughts on “TSM 117

  1. This starts out almost silly–but cute and clever–but then builds to a serious end. I like this a lot. I contend that waving a cat over someone could be quite informative, even if data were never repeatable.

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    1. Schrödinger had an earlier, failed version of his famous experiment: If you put a cat in a poem, and there is a superposition of metaphor, if you read the poem, is the poet either alive or dead?

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  2. I agree there’s a bit of whimsy to this poem, but it also has the darkness that brings out the light, the chiaroscuro of language that enriches each image to high saturation, so it drips into the ear like illuminated, warm honey. Yes, I liked it a lot, and bonus points for catafalque. ~hedgewitch

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  3. Love this! I have four cats in the house of at the moment, 2 mine, 2 my daughters. My elder cat might be the best bet for waving over my husband. He protests over much about poetry. lol

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  4. kaykuala

    CAT Scan, didn’t mean I wave
    a cat over you while you slept

    Good opening qbit! With this one anticipates light-hearted humor and it did throughout the poem!


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