TSM 129

tape your hands
with light
jam horseshoes of light
into your gloves
lace light
across the leather
and pull it tight
with your teeth
after pushups of light
speedwork furious
with light
heavy bag swaying with
body blows of light
your jump rope
braided and hopped up
with light
running dawn's
steep miles
as you eat sleep and breath
so that tonight
even with history against you
bending not toward you but away
the fix in
you punch so hard
into the sky
that darkness explodes
and night falls

The Sunday Muse

23 thoughts on “TSM 129

  1. light! … I agree with your powerful poem here qbit. Strong piece! Below is how I ended my brace of poems I posted Thursday on the dVerse OLN. The darkness in this world must be squelched.

    rise from this night
    beckon the dawn
    someone needs
    release the light

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  2. I love the vigorous, no-nonsense working of this metaphor, every line a solid punch, “..lace light
    across the leather/and pull it tight/with your teeth..” ! Hope or its partner Fear are both muscular and on a mission in this, the fitness, as it were, of the narrator battling the aberrant floppiness of current reality. Really skillfully written, well-conceived and well-executed.

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  3. Nice work if you can get it, and if you get it, tell me how. 😉

    This poem just crackles with energy. There’ll be no keeping you down on the farm anymore, I expect.

    I have tried to hit a speed bag once or thrice in my life and every time it hit back and I walked off sulking.

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  4. Yes, I think we need to put on those boxing gloves and punch a whole in the darkness so light can once again filter into our world. Nice added touch of the horseshoe, may it bring a bit of luck. I found myself wanting to punch that bag and release some anger.

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