TSM 169

Your hips the road trip
rock skip hip-hop 
refrain of the sea 

40 years our wild ride, side
by miles sliding by the passing time
on wide open roads 

Until here the sand-path ends 
in beach plum kingdoms taste 
on your lips slipsliding needs

Speeding curves my mind has
the bends brain wave ocean staves
octaves higher and higher

Like rose hips winding trellises
tethered to the crux of  you, 
communion of the journey's

Madness that heat rises,
your wide-brimmed laughter 
at the speed of light 

When my whammy bar transmission
went in gale-force winds
we watch the crash the curl

listen now to the metal seas
how you
drive me to distraction

The Sunday Muse

7 thoughts on “TSM 169

  1. I love “we watch the crash the curl/ listen now to the metal seas”. I think you could fall off a train with a jackknife and end up with something cool scratched into the ties.

    Liked by 1 person

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