TSM 180

Eye for an eye, lip for a lip: my love not retribution but desire – just now, just this, our kiss hanging in the air between us like a mirror flashing the sun, flaring SOS to pilots flying low out of LaGuardia in Manhattan's endless, island search party.

Form: "NY Minute."  A NY Minute is like an American Sentence, but doesn't give a crap about syllable counts or anything else. You got a problem with that?

The Sunday Muse

34 thoughts on “TSM 180

  1. Love the idea of pilots endlessly searching for Manhattan and the form, which instantly makes me think of poems running along screens instead of stock prices and breaking news and football scores.

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    1. Oh, her, that is a great idea! “Man kisses woman on 42nd and Broadway… Extra large coffee, regular, at 38th and Madison…” And such. Will give it some thought.


  2. A kiss of desire, not retribution, an S.O.S. to the lost who don’t have one of their own, perhaps…this compact gem brings the attitude, and the brevity without sacrificing any of the things that make a poem shine. It almost makes me say I ❤ NY, but I'll settle for just <3ing this.

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  3. ha, I’ve have flown into that airport many times and I have to be honest. Sometimes, it felt like the planes would kiss because they were that close. Would we passengers combust in their lust? It
    seems my mind is wandering again. haha

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