For Laura Nyro

When three dogs howl in the night, what's a catgirl to do?
Skinned of song, you yowl the blue in your veins
like a train whistle exhaling, wailing,
disappearing like oxygen that ends in fury,
a holy song that confesses what every Tom 
in the alley knows:
hide your heart fearless girl –
it's only a short toss
into the remaindered hay,
for when the winter snows part
there are no coffins for strays.

Shay’s Word Garden

10 thoughts on “For Laura Nyro

  1. This is great, qbit. I love the brevity that sacrifices nothing, the clean lines of the portrait you draw, and the bitter truth it shares with Nyro’s own work. I also heard the train whistle blues in that list, but mine is the frozen kind and yours is as hot as New Orleans at midnight. Loved it.

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  2. This is stunning, qbit! That killer first line got my attention immediately:

    “When three dogs howl in the night, what’s a catgirl to do?” and then it opens out into some surreal scene of some dystopian film.

    Great write! 😀

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