TSM 195

I thought snuff poems were illegal
since at least the 90's –
No more candles in the wind, thank Jesus,
no night stars blowing out one by one,
all the tropes of hope and light gone up in smoke –
arrested, up against a cop car, spread-eagle
and cuffed with zip ties.

A young poet I knew went to police academy
to play cops and robbers – bad idea –
our metaphors mug honest words
at knifepoint,
disturb the peace of stolid, taxpaying nouns,
graffiti defacing
the library wall of verbs.

she forgot
all art is theft
and poetry is murder.

The Sunday Muse

32 thoughts on “TSM 195

  1. This brings to mind the idea of photos stealing souls–the theft and violence of creation and understanding always acknowledged as briefly as possible.

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  2. As you so often do, you’ve flipped reality on its back like a turtle and scrawled graffiti on its shell with a bunch of spray-paint metaphors that totally own. I really really enjoyed all of this, but especially the zip-tied tropes, the mugging and the killer close.

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