Virgo Rising

Maybe the Zodiac killer of the ‘60s
disappeared from earth
or at least California 
and true to his name
began stalking the night sky instead

Killing off constellations 
he thought were rubbishy glitter,
or taking a razor to the Gemini Twins
for their sophistry
and pretense

Finally, someone stabbing new stories 
into the darkness, a stiletto 
cutting fresh scars 
with needles of light: The Goblin, 
The Madhouse Nebula,
The Killer Toys

Holding my hand, you point: "Look, there! 
next to the Pleiades Morgue –
isn't that Ted Bundy?"
I say, no, it is Ted Hughes,
husband of Sylvia Plath, serial killer 
of poetesses, his words slashing lines in poems

"Oh yes, I see that now, and 
there's The Oven! Yes, yes
there she is, can you see Sylvia, her head,
that cluster of stars filling the kitchen 
like vapor, 

Which makes the starlight fray and dim,
the night now a bit dark
even for me

Shay’s Word Garden

15 thoughts on “Virgo Rising

  1. There’s a Sylvia Plath Ouija board I saw on line with an oven for a planchette and the oven window is in the middle. And at the bottom of the board instead of just “GOODBYE” it says “GOODBYE cruel world.” You need dis.

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  2. Only you could write this poem, qbit–and I mean that in a good way. It’s clever without being slick, it paints a novel conceit that once expressed seems obvious (the play on Zodiac Killer) but one which most would never even think of. I especially like the names of your new constellations, and the concise, lyric way you deal with Plath.

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    1. Thanks so much. I had to give up though on my original ending: Ted Hughes/Ted Bundy serial poetess killer idea. Couldn’t land it and ran out of time.


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