TSM 200

In which the poet is interviewed by the poems. “Tell us about yourself.”

Tell me about your eyes.I am a periscope
squinting above the surface
of coffee.
Why is your soul caramelized with soot?My vacation in Eden was a hot time,
but I wandered too long in the garden
without sunscreen.
Why did you abandon the piano?My father re-pointed the bricks of our house
with Mozart. It was beautiful, but his fingers
tipped the scales.
I heard you can breathe underwater.Do you want to see my fin collection?
Some people have shoes,
I have a closet of dorsal Nike’s.
Did you once throw your fate on a wheel?No, that is a lie
spun from mud and clay.
What is it with your hair and the birds?When taking trash to the dump on Wednesday,
first one, then another (!) seagull
pooped on my head. True facts!
How did you survive in the desert?I decapitated myself by rolling up the car window.
I was tired of the complaining
and that thirsty mouth.
You cried watching “Valley of the Dolls?”As a boy I was in love
with Patty Duke
What do you do when your back is to the wall?Write a sex poem.
You write of the co-evolution of wolf and shark.When I stumbled on the carcasses
of two frozen deer on the beach,
words flooded my lungs with hunger

The Sunday Muse

26 thoughts on “TSM 200

  1. A poetic interview. I found myself smiling at the snarky remarks. Creative and wonderful presentation. I found myself searching for answers. My eyes are hazel, they change with my mood from green to brown and sometimes they just want to coordinate with my clothes..lol..

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  2. You are amazing Qbit! What you lay before us to see in words is always a spectacular adventure only you can take us on! You stirred it all together yet each one is on display! Being interviewed by the poem, perfection!! Thank you for sharing your word craft with the Muse my friend!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Being interviewed by the poems… great idea, and I absolutely loved it all.
    Makes me wonder where I’ll get when interviewed by the poems of last week. LOL!

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