Rags and Feathers

It is snowing dead angels, 
a blizzard of choir robes 
and feathers 

Bombs and tanks 
and guns do that, as Suzanne 
told you long ago 

Her voice an echo 
from the harbor, 
now you finally understand her 

There never was 
such a thing 
as a Salvation Army 

A song blown out of the sky 
by .45's 
with a clip of sorrows

For Shay’s Word Garden

8 thoughts on “Rags and Feathers

  1. That is beautiful Qbit and that last line….I love it!! I just couldn’t get mine completely done. Now that I have resolved to give it up I will be reading some of the other poems for the list too.

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  2. Those first two stanzas are sharp and perfect, qbit–gorgeous writing. The rest of course, makes the poem’s point and shows us that part of us that Cohen came from and spoke to. Thanks so much for your very generous comment on my own piece…Suzanne was a truly groundbreaking song, even for the Sixties.

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  3. “Suzanne” is such a classic. your piece puts me in mind of the middle verse, the one you have implied but not referenced here.

    Sadly the list is ending with this prompt. It’s gotten less and less traffic as time goes on, so I’m letting it slide. Thanks for being one of the 3 people who really seemed to love it, along with Hedge and Carrie.

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